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Welcome to my Pantyhose website Nylon Therapy. My name is Claudine. My websites are based on the concept of the Elegantly dressed woman, beautiful clothes, designer lingerie and ofcourse the best Pantyhose from Fogal Gerbe Wolford and Oroblu. This website was created after the success of my stocking website Elegant & Sophisticated which started in the year 2000 so 18 years of photos of my legs and pantyhose! There are over 30.000 images available to Members on this website alone along with video content too.

On this website we act out story lines every week to a script which after editing, the story captions are added to the pictures, this is very time consuming we do not do just simple photo shoots, from the first picture in each gallery a story is told right through to it’s conclusion.  Come see a completely different concept from all the other websites.

 Special Membership Price 11.99 USD or Euros one price one payment NON recurring for 15 days! This will not be available again this year an offer not to be missed, we have some great sets coming up and December is going to be full of huge sets and videos, are you going to miss it? Limited Time Offer!

Weekly News Update

  • November 9th, 2018

    This weeks story Double Glazing Saleswoman is now posted, lucy certainly comes across as accident prone, however the customer is more than happy to sit and watch for a while! Next weeks story about Venture Scouts meeting their celebrity Ambassador takes scouting to a whole new level! LOL

    Have you checked out my Special Membership price? Don’t miss it, it will make you come back for more over Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • November 8th, 2018

    I have added a special Membership price this afternoon 11.99 USD or Euros one price one payment NON recurring for 15 days! This will not be available again  this year an offer not to be missed, we have some great sets coming up and December is going to be full of huge sets and videos, are you going to miss it?

  • November 5th, 2018

    6 new galleries on my friends page Lucy Zara’s video tease is worth watching! LOL 3 new galleries on my friends page Lucy Zara’s video tease is worth watching! LOL We are already working on our Story’s for December starting with Thanksgiving the week of the 22nd November, this is going to be a very full schedule with Videos every week right through December into January! There will be amazing close ups of my gorgeous pantyhose not forgetting my seamless ones too, you can’t miss seeing those and a peek into my blouse ofcourse amongst other things !! LOL Even the story’s coming up over the next 3 weeks are very sexy, you only see the very best Pantyhose on Claudine’s legs, and she does love fully clothed sex, so come see what She is getting up to with story’s like “The Prisoners Christmas Treat” where the lady’s from the Women’s Institute go to cheer up the prisoners in their local jail and get hammered into he bargain, much to their surprise, also Claudine goes and helps out again at the boys home where the older ones got to see Claudine’s charms on the snooker table while the younger boys were taken to a Panto by the home staff leaving Claudine alone for a three hours, fortunately she took some spare pantyhose along knowing she wouldn’t go home with them intact!! Lots to see to tease you all!

  • November 2nd, 2018

    PM I have posted a new video a few minutes ago you will all ask for more I know but that’s it that’s all that exists!

    This weeks new story is now online Psychiatrist to the Wealthy it certainly appears to be an interesting career with fitness, bedside manner and some viagra just incase as essential requirements! LOL Next week Lucy’s first visit to a clients house and to get up a ladder to measure his windows in a dress was perhaps not such a good idea!!

  • October 31st, 2018

    If you have sent me a message in the last two days from the contact page I won’t have received it because google in their wisdom didn’t tell anyone that they were changing the app, we hope to have it fixed tonight!

  • October 28th, 2018

    Saturday and today Sunday it’s been so nice to receive all the messages of appreciation of this weeks story and loving my sexy pink body with the tights without panty’s, that got so many of you all perky it seems!! LOL I surprised a few members when I was asked why I always talk about expensive pantyhose and I told them what I have to pay for these top brands like Gerbe from France at 32 euros a pair and Fogal at 37.50 a pair I think many think of supermarket pantyhose at a 5 euros  a pair, well they just don’t look like the ones I wear for you all!! LOL If you have never had the pleasure of running your hands up one of the top brands you need to find a kind lady to wear them for you!! LOL

  • October 26th, 2018

    The Tax Inspector story is now posted with 135 pictures, can a visit by a tax inspector ever be pleasant? The answer has to be No, except when Maurice Prioux has a plan to divert her attention! I hope you like my new all in one in pink, Paul rather appreciated my rear as I bent over the table! Next week Psychiatrist to the Wealthy. Women who just need constant attention, flattered, cosited and a good time in bed and if they don’t get it they think there is something wrong! Glen is there to reassure them and help guide them to some serious exercise in his office or their bedroom if they wish! LOL We have been upgrading the quality of both websites this week, load times etc etc and making them more compatible with mobile devices, pages should be loading much much faster now.

  • October 19th, 2018

    This weeks new story The Dinner is now posted, I think that any boss today would get fired for touching up one of his employees like this, but she seemed game for some fun! LOL Next weeks story the Tax Inspector where Madame Peltier is very keen to show her boss that she can get results from a suspected fraudster until he diverts her attention to more feminine matters and a box of top brand pantyhose at a knock down price! The story’s “the Magic Circle,” Complicity,Lending a Hand II and the video The Headmistress Succumbs are all back online this morning! That should keep many of you amused for a few hours! LOL

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The Venture Scouts Ambassador

November 16th, 2018

Natalie Finch a well known entertainer was chosen as the venture scouts ambassador to encourage more girls to join and to gain vital publicity for the scouts. She has just come from a plaque unveiling so is all dressed up in her ceremonial uniform to join an evening with some of the older scouts round a campfire but it was raining so the groups were split up. Natalie suggested to three of them who were drinking with her at the bar to join her in her hotel room taking with them some wine and vodka....