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Welcome to my New Website.

Welcome to my new Pantyhose site Nylon-Therapy, there are ofcourse those of you who prefer a woman in Pantyhose to stockings, I thought that at least one of my websites should concentrate on showing the very best Pantyhose available in the shops. Now as I travel a lot for my work in textiles I have to dress smartly for my real work and yes I buy very expensive pantyhose, they feel great on, they look  fabulous on my legs plus I get so many compliments too, so you can get to see makes like Fogal, Gerbe, Oroblu and Wolford, I have most colours that they make and ofcourse see my gorgeous pantyhose close up and I mean really close up!!

Every week we produce a new story acted out to a script with the captions to the story added after shooting, a long process, add to that a selection of my archives and video clips. There are currently well over 10.000 pictures available for you to see as a Member, remember we have had to rebuild these websites from scratch and that meant reuploading everything, it takes a great deal of time and effort. Each week our Members enjoy the seeing the inside of Claudine’s Chateau and grounds, her designer wardrobe and ofcourse her fantastic legs. If you find intelligent eroticism stimulating then your search is over.

Weekly News Update

  • March 5th, 2015

    Tomorrows story is a huge set of 136 pictures I just finished editing them and writing the story. If you like close ups of her pantyhose then this set you are going to love it, mind you the majority of my stories have real close up pictures for you nylon lovers! LOL Over the next month you will be seeing more archive sets added alongside the new stories ofcourse plus some new video clips too, so if you are thinking of joining hurry up my prices have never been so enticing!

  • March 4th, 2015

    Price Changes! Due to the Euro falling against the USD and the UK Pound I have adjusted my prices this morning so the USD price falls to the Euro price level meaning $10 saving on a 2 month 2 site Membership!! So come on guys I need now is the best time to come and see me!!

  • February 27th, 2015

    It’s Paul who has written the story this week, this one required the male brain to appreciate Amelia’s attributes as she bent over those boxes in the office, I could see exactly what she needed, the question is will she be of the same opinion as me? The story is entitled “The Temp” a simple story but one that always manages to get those grey cells buzzing as Ofrere would say. Coming up? We have been shooting sets like crazy, I think we have some great sets to show you over the coming weeks, yes I am biased but I know most of you will agree with me when you see them, this week Claudine has been wearing some of her evening dresses and yes she looked fantastic so you have all this to look forward to in March and April.

  • February 26th, 2015

    I have just added a new Archive set from 2007 entitled “icing on the Cake” with 107 pictures Emily Hilltout is a woman that doesn’t like to be crossed especially when her massive bonus cheque is at stake!

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Upcoming Updates

A day At The Races

March 6th, 2015

Zara has spent the day at the races, with a whole group of us, we had hired one of those double decker buses open on the top for a great view of the track and caterers to give us a fine lunch down below. A good friend of ours had a horse running......it won, so all of us and some hangers on have been invited back to his house for the celebrations. Everyone is in high spirits, the champagne and every concoction you can think of is being consumed. I have always fancied the knickers off of Zara, but never succeeded so far, she has escaped for some peace and quiet from the noise inside the house for a few minutes. I saw her disappear this might be the night I get lucky and if I play my cards right!!...