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Website Closing 31st December 2020

After 20 years my websites will be closing for new Memberships and Rebills via CCbill and Zombaio from 30th June 2020, after this date only via Paypal or direct cash payments. This closure has nothing to do with Covid 19 our Membership is still very strong, simply it’s the moment to have more time for ourselves as running and providing new material is very time consuming and even on holiday. Both websites will be showing new story’s until the last week of August and from 1st September until 31st December we will be posting Archive story’s where Members will be able to send me their requests. It has been fun and we want to thank all our very loyal Members, you know who you are who have supported us all these years and lastly to Ofrere our American friend who got us started on the story theme whose story’s were always so brilliant in their conception.

Our Membership Offer for our final 6 months one site 59.99 EUR and 64.99 USD until 31st December 2020 payable via Paypal or Cash by post


Weekly News Update

  • July 4th, 2020

    Happy Independence day for all our American Friends!

    I will be adding another archive story tomorrow morning.


  • July 3rd, 2020

    This weeks new story My Dad’s Accountant is now posted. You will hopefully have noticed the size of the latest story’s at over 150 pictures plus we have been editing at much larger sizes too! June has been an exceptional month for new Memberships, forgetting the special deal, interest has been enormous. 

  • June 30th, 2020

    If anyone is interested in buying some of our studio lights, light boxes, light metre or one of our fairly recent Canon 600 D camera’s write to me all for sale.

  • June 28th, 2020

    I have posted another Archive story from 2013 The Bat Inspector. This story highlights some of the aggravation being caused for farmers around the EU as if they don’t have enough to do than worry about bats in their barns. So when a well dressed woman turns up in high heels and tights Frank has had enough!

    Only 2 days to go before I stop payments via CCBill and Zombaio after that you can only pay by Paypal or cash direct.

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Upcoming Updates

Finishing School

July 10th, 2020

My Parents were determined I improved my French so in their wisdom sent me to a French summer school in Dinard near St Malo! Anne-Marie Leporier was to be my french language teacher, high heels, short dresses, shiny tights with legs up to her arm pits, will I be able to concentrate! All too soon the course had finished, the others had left, except me and Peter, we wandered down to the pond and there she was " Hello come and sit with me for a while." she said, then our lives changed forever! 170 pictures...